Sichuan Moon at Wynn Palace Redefines Sichuan Cuisine with a Contemporary Flair

Wynn Palace Cotai is pleased to announce the arrival of Sichuan Moon – a stunning restaurant with internationally acclaimed Chef André Chiang, at the helm.

As Sichuan Moon’s Culinary Director, Chef André will lead his team to masterfully reinterpret the flavors of Sichuan cuisine, gathering seasonal ingredients from all over the world and using creative concepts to elevate the presentation of each dish. Together with a selection of rare, specialty teas sourced from China’s most prestigious tea plantations, Sichuan Moon will offer the ultimate Sichuan dining experience in luxurious surrounds.

Redefining Sichuan Cuisine

The arrival of Sichuan Moon opens the doors to the rich culture and history of Sichuan cuisine. Chef André has designed a Sichuan Moon Degustation Menu that is not only bold and spicy, but also delicate and refined, featuring dishes that blend local and international ingredients. The flavors of each dish are a testament to the cuisine’s complexity and depth. As the dishes on his degustation menu are specially crafted and require significant time to prepare, only a limited selection of these dishes are available each day.

Ma Po Tofu

The sommeliers pair the dishes with world-renowned wine and teas that are carefully selected to bring out the essence of the cuisine. The dining experience begins with 88 Fortune Treasures, a special selection of eight cold dishes representing the colorful flavors of Sichuan. The Chinese expression, ‘each dish has its own style, and among them, a hundred dishes will have a hundred different flavors,’ is the perfect way to describe the culinary journey at Sichuan Moon.

88 Fortune Treasures

Chef André is also taking traditional favorites such as hot and sour soup, dan-dan noodles, Ma Po Tofu and “Yu-Xiang” eggplant, and re-inventing them in his own unique way to bring out the purest flavors and textures of each dish. Among them is the Secret Recipe – King Crab Leg, which innovatively blends the robust flavors of traditional Sichuan cuisine with a popular, local Cantonese dish.

King Crab Leg

He is also introducing one of his very own classic dishes exclusively at Sichuan Moon – the Peppercorn Flavored Duck Foie Gras and Mushrooms Royale which goes beyond the traditional French practice of cooking foie gras. Chef André takes the foie gras and blends it with eggs and a touch of cream. He then steams them at a low temperature until the surface of the foie gras is slightly grilled and then topped with a layer of Sichuan pepper jelly.

Peppercorn Flavored Duck Foie Gras and Mushrooms Royale

The Degustation Menu features more than 20 courses including appetizers, innovative main dishes and divine desserts. Sichuan Moon has also invited a master from Sichuan to personally ensure that the essence of both new and aged pickles are properly preserved. Pickles have played a very important role in the history of the cuisine and Sichuan Moon is honoring that tradition. The Degustation Menu gives guests an opportunity to taste the myriad of flavors found in Sichuan cuisine – all at once.

With Chef André’s vision and vast wealth of international experience, he and the team of Wynn wine sommeliers have searched the world to find rare companion wines. They are also creating a series of special cocktails that are Chinese-inspired and are well-suited to match the flavors of the Sichuan dishes on Chef André’s menu for a more enriching and playful dining experience. Sichuan Moon has also carefully chosen Chinese wines that are reflective of their origin and complement the flavors of Sichuan cuisine. The team is also introducing limited productions of ports and sherries from Portugal and Spain to give guests an element of surprise as they dine.

Celebrating the art of Chinese tea culture
The Chinese tea ceremony is a celebration of Chinese history and culture, and an indispensable part of Sichuan cuisine. The tea lounge at Sichuan Moon sets the stage for tea sommeliers to perform their remarkable art form. The wall behind the lounge is made entirely of glass mosaic tiles, and a selection of very rare tea stands on display against a beautiful golden lotus tray.

Chef André and the tea sommeliers at Sichuan Moon have carefully sourced a collection of rare teas, and each element of the brewing process, from the tea leaves, water, and charcoal to the tea ware, are all very meticulously followed through. Some of the rarest teas to be sourced by his team in Sichuan are the 1960 Pu Erh,the Laobanzhang Pu Erh and the Bingdao Pu Erh as well as Signature Pipachá that has been specially aged in the Niepoort port ‘pipas’ of Portugal.


To ensure absolute perfection in the preparation of each cup so that the tea is smooth on the palate and not too bitter, Chef André insists on using high quality glacier water specially sourced from Mount Gongga (‘the king of Sichuan mountains’). This glacier water is boiled in handmade Sichuan silver teapots and brewed with a high-grade olive pit charcoal that can also maintain just the right temperature without affecting the water quality. Once ready, the tea is served to each guest from bamboo woven cups that were made by the nation’s most respected craftsman. As guests savor each sip of tea, they can also watch as the tea sommelier performs this traditional artistic craft in the tea lounge.

The Sichuan Moon interior is an elegant mix of East and West. Upon entering the dining room, one’s attention is immediately drawn to an extraordinarily beautiful, custom-made chandelier of more than 700 Italian Murano glass butterflies that blend beautifully with the restaurant’s elegant floral décor. Sichuan Moon is designed to offer a visually stimulating and immersive dining experience.

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