California Napa Valley Three-starred Michelin chef Christopher Kostow Lands in Shenzhen

A vibrant city that combines charm and innovation is about to welcome a new star this August- Ensue. The newest restaurant in China, featuring US 3-starred Michelin chef Christopher Kostow. Located at the top of Futian Shangri-La Hotel, Ensue represents Chef Kostow’s latest evolution, blending Californian farm-to-table culture and techniques with Cantonese tastes and ingredients.

Chef Christopher Kostow

Ensue implies constant motion, continuation, striving for results.  Carrying the innovation and “rise above” spirit, the restaurant aims to bring an exquisite and exclusive dining experience to patrons. Ensue was designed by Chris Shao (Chris Shao Studios, New York), blending elements of Chinese luxury with the natural beauty of Napa Valley.

Ensue team

Here, patrons will enjoy an abundantly creative, etherial, and inspired culinary masterpiece by Chef Kostow. Alcove, the bar at Ensue, is another significant feature. Like the restaurant, it seamlessly blends comfort with quality featuring a carefully curated inventory with expertly crafted cocktails developed by Beau du Bois (The Restaurant at Meadowood).

“I’m very excited and look forward to meeting you all at Shenzhen! I believe the unique dining experience we provide will take patrons to an exciting and memorable culinary journey, welcome to visit us.” Says Christopher Kostow.

About Chef Kostow

Christopher Kostow was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and trained across Europe and North America. Upon helming his first kitchen at Chez TJ, in San Francisco, Chef Kostow was awarded two Michelin stars.  He earned his third star in 2011 at The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley, California, becoming the youngest American-born chef to earn the culinary world’s highest honor. Chef Kostow was also awarded Best Chef: West by the prestigious James Beard foundation, has appeared multiple times on top television programs, and his first book, “A New Napa Cuisine”, was awarded Book of the Year in 2015 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.



Address:Futian Shangri-La Hotel, Floor 40-41

Opening time:Mon-Sun 5:30-9:45 PM (restaurant)

Mon-Sun 12:00 PM- 2:00 AM (bar)

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