【18 Oct, Shanghai】Culinary Philosophy of China’s Next Generation Cooking Talent

With the pandemic still hovering around, more and more younger generation chefs are seeking to produce brilliant sparks by combining their unique, avant-garde ideas with ingredients. They are the rising stars, emerging chefs of the industry, representing the vanguard and future of the modern culinary scene. They have cultivated eye-catching cooking philosophy of their own and are committed to building a proper, practical culinary framework by sharing their knowledge with professionals.

For this year’s forum, TastyTrip has invited three of the next generation of cooking talent to share their restaurant stories, their culinary philosophy, as well as the stories behind the design of their signature dishes. They are Xu Jingye, head chef of 102 House, winner of the Essence of Asia by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021; Tom Ryu, 2021- Owner chef of JEJU IZAKAYA, Creative Director of Belloco group; and Jason Liu, chef and founder of restaurant Ling Long. Let’s take a peek into the inner kitchens of these rising stars of the dining scene and experience the emerging power of fine dining.

Chef Xu Jingye is a Foshan aboriginal and received rigorous training under Mr. Chen Daben, who is widely acclaimed as the master of Cantonese cuisine. Xu has specialised in Cantonese cuisine since he started his career, spending five years polishing essential techniques. He and a friend of him decided to open a private kitchen focusing on Cantonese cuisine. That was when 102 House was first conceived. After a year of working on modern Cantonese cuisine, they decided to return to the fundamentals of traditional Cantonese cuisine. The cuisine served at 102 House is the result of the owner’s own culinary thinking based on Guangdong banquet dishes. Combining superb culinary skills, fresh ingredients and elegant seasoning, chef Xu has honed the classics of Cantonese recipes by drawing on the quintessence of the cuisine, integrating modern elements into the traditional framework and highlighting the true nature of each ingredient as the season changes. This year 2021 sees the restaurant awarded “Essence of Asia” by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. The result is a combination of the understated and restrained Lingnan culture, a touch of elegance in style and a unique set of flavours. The menu is designed with a rotating system in which the pairing elements are adjusted on a seasonal basis. The signature dish Sweet and Sour Pork uses small pieces of fatty meat between the pork loin and the belly for a higher fat content. The pork is marinated and fried till almost translucent and crispy on the outside and instantly melting, full of meaty aroma, before elegantly tempered with sweet and sour flavours and paired with seasonal fruits.

Tom Ryu, 2021- Owner chef of JEJU IZAKAYA, Creative Director of Belloco group. Ever since Tom was young, he grew up surrounded by F&B scene because his parents owned a restaurant chain and they were in F&B business. Therefore Tom can’t even exactly remember when he was first interested by it- it was all very natural for him to be exposed in this F&B scene. When Tom turned 20, he opened his first restaurant by taking over a hamburger store. 2016 was an important year for Tom, because he co-founded Design Consulting Company with a friend who was also his mentor. This is when he learned the importance of ‘Close to market’ and ‘consumer needs’. In 2017, Tom came to visit Hangzhou for business trip and met his current partner of Jeju. Tom wanted to add cultural aspects, and believed that F&B could lead the culture. In a nutshell, Tom’s partner and tom had same vision. They wanted to make this come true.

JEJU IZAKAYA – Exclusive reservation only 8-seat chef table- contemporary Korean restaurant. Special course menu changing every season. Enjoy the cultural storytelling of Korean cuisine with creative menus of fresh seasonal ingredients. Collaborating closely with the Korean food masters, artists, and companies. Unique pairing with traditional Korean liquors. Seasonal visits to Korea (not exclusive to Jeju): Explore and develop creative menu of Jeju. For Jeju Izakaya team- restaurant is not just a place to make and sell food. We pride ourselves to provide the ultimate food experience to the customers who opens the door to Jeju. Why Jeju? Jeju is an Korean island which has a very special meaning to Koreans. Although it is part of Korea, one still needs to catch a plane to go there. Every time one goes to Jeju, they are starting an exciting trip. In the beginning- we wanted to introduce a brand that conveys these feelings. Fresh, friendly, private, and delicious. Come away with us on a special dining journey to feel Jeju at Jeju Izakaya!

Growing up in a military village in Taiwan, Jason began his professional education and career at 14, having worked in esteemed French restaurants Paris 1930 of The Landis Taipei Hotel, Italian restaurant Bellini in Taipei, Taipei Hyatt and Bistro 3 in Beijing, he has accumulated a deep understanding and skills for Western cuisine. For Jason, he wants to create an entirely new genre of food which he would be hesitant to categorize as “fusion” or “original”, but much would prefer to call it “Humble”. It is his genuine and humble attempt to pay homage to those aforementioned influences, it is his sincere attempt to move people by the power of well-thought out and executed dishes.

Chef Jason’s food, much like his personality and mind-set, is about being open, unrestricted, yet always respectful to traditions and grateful for the beauty of this world.

The fine dining industry is growing with the emergence of new forces. Rather than abandoning traditional culinary concepts, young chefs are forging new and trendy signature dishes with their own creative ideas, refining their cooking philosophy. However, culinary success does not come overnight, it needs time and effort inputs to finally bear fruit. The rule also applies to the production of signature dishes and the growth of a restaurant. This year’s TastyTrip Gastronomic Forum is honoured to have invited three emerging chefs, Xu Jingye, Tom Ryu and Jason Liu, to share the stories behind their signature dishes, through which we are able to get a closer look at the culinary philosophy of the next generation cooking talents.


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9:00-17:00 Monday, 18th October 2021

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ModernSky LAB摩登天空(瑞虹天地店)瑞虹路188号瑞虹天地月亮湾3层

Modern Sky LAB Shanghai (Ruihong Road)

3F, Ruihong Tiandi Moon Bay, No.188 Ruihong Road, Hongkou District

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